Home Remedies for Gastric Ulcers

Foods That Relieve Gastric Ulcers

It is believed that a high fiber diet is the best treatment and prevention measure for gastric ulcers. One food that is very popular for treating ulcers is milk. However, although it might neutralize stomach acid, its calcium content promotes the secretion of the hormone called gastrin that actually stimulates the production of acid.

The Traditional Remedy to Relieve Ulcers: Cabbage Juice

A home remedy that has been used for many years to relieve ulcers is cabbage juice. The cabbage contains glutamine, which helps the stomach cells to regenerate. Glutamine also stimulates the production of mucin, a mucoprotein that protects the lining of the stomach.

Another ingredient that makes the cabbage a good remedy for an ulcer is gefarnate. This material strengthens the lining of the stomach. In fact it is an ingredient in medicines for ulcers.

How To Prepare the Cabbage Remedy

cabbageUse a juice extractor to make cabbage juice (make sure that the cabbage is fresh) and take a cup before each meal and one cup before bedtime. This juice should not be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge. It should be prepared just before drinking.

According to the results of some studies that have been made on the effects of cabbage juice in people suffering from ulcer, symptoms, pain and ulceration have disappeared after 2 or 3 weeks of drinking the cabbage juice.

Aloe Vera Juice
Another juice that promotes the healing of ulcers is the aloe vera juice. It can be taken before meals and at bedtime.

Some scientists believe that bananas could protect the stomach from ulcers because they contain a chemical called protease inhibitor that seems to kill the bacteria that causes ulcers before they can do damage.

Manuka Honey for Gastric Ulcer

Manuka honey comes from New Zealand bees that feed on the flowers of the Manuka tree, also known as the tea tree. However it should be mentioned that tea tree oil comes from a different tree in New Zealand, called the melaleuca.

Manuka honey is a powerful antibacterial that can kill the bacteria H. pylori that causes gastric ulcers. It also has healing properties that can help the stomach to heal faster. Ask your doctor for recommended dose of Manuka honey for you.

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