Home Remedies to Improve Fertility

For a couple who wishes to have a baby, to see the days and months go by “empty” must be very frustrating. The best thing to do in this case is to consult your doctor. But, there are some remedies that you may want to try that have worked for other people.

Home Remedies for Infertility

Vaginal douche with mineral water – In a container used for douching, put some mineral water (with gas) such as club soda. Insert water into the vagina and lie down so that the water is left inside for about 10 minutes. The idea is that the gas bubbles from the mineral water will clean the Fallopian tubes of any obstructions, therefore, improving fertility. If you do not become pregnant in that same month, you can repeat the process the next month.

fertilityWheat germ for improved fertility – Both the man and the woman should try this remedy if they are trying to improve fertility. Add two tablespoons of wheat germ to your cereal. Vitamin E is efficient in balancing hormones and it is also a powerful antioxidant which helps stabilize free radicals that may damage the sperm.

>Raspberry teaRaspberry tea helps a woman’s reproductive system to function normally and it also prevents miscarriage.

Damiana tea for infertility – Drink a damiana tea every day. You can also add a tub of water infusion damiana and get in the water for 30 minutes.

Normal weight – Many times women are unable to become pregnant when they are too thin or have a lot of over weight. Start a dietary program so that you reach your normal body weight.

Detoxification of the body – Every morning before breakfast, sip a cup of hot water with the juice of one lemon. home-remedies-site.com This will help cleanse the body of toxins which may be preventing you from conceiving.

Ground flaxseed helps fertility – One of the benefits of flaxseed powder is that it helps fertility (I’ve experienced this myself!). Every morning add two tablespoons of flaxseed powder to your cereal.

For men who have low sperm count – Drink carrot juice and add ginger root to your diet.

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