Home Remedies for Stress

During situations that the brain considers "threatening", the brain prepares the body to defend itself. The nervous system is alert and certain hormones used to activate the senses are released. When stress is brief it is not very harmful to the body.

But if it continues for an undefined period of time, the body must remain in this state of alert leading to a weakening of its defenses. Fatigue, chronic stomach aches, headaches, and moodiness then ensue. Fortunately you can use some home remedies to restore your mental health.

Chamomile – For many years chamomile has been used to relax. Take three cups of chamomile tea a day. Wrap some chamomile leaves, lavender, and valeriana in a cloth and keep it under the running water while filling the tub.

stressAzahar and spearmint – 1 handful of Azahar flowers, water, and 2 spearmint leaves. Macerate azahar flowers in water for a day. Make a spearmint infusion and add the azahar water. Drink it while going out for a walk.

Acupressure – Three key body parts to massage when you are stressing are the inside of the wrist, the line joining the navel and sternum, and at the very top of the head.

Meditation – In a quiet, comfortable place sit and meditate. Close your eyes and focus on some positive words.

Relaxation exercise – Sitting or lying down in a quiet and comfortable place, close your eyes. Bend your toes strongly for 10 minutes and relax. Follow with the muscles in the feet, legs, etc.. until you get to the head.

Cucumber and celery – Wash the cucumber and celery and peel them. Blend in equal parts. Take a glass before breakfast. If you have high blood pressure drink very little.

Soft music – Lie down in a quiet and comfortable place. Close your eyes and listen to soft music, preferably instrumental.

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