Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

In addition to the 43 substances in cigarettes that cause cancer, the cigarette contains traces of the poisons DDT, arsenic, and formaldehyde. Smoking affects blood circulation and oxygenation, the lungs, heart, skin, eyes, teeth, mouth, throat, voice box, and stomach.

The good news is that the person who stops smoking begins to see the benefits in the first 12 hours after having quit.

What happens when the person stops smoking?

In the first 12 hours, carbon monoxide and nicotine levels begin to decline. The heart and lungs begin a process of auto repair.

At 24 hours, the chances that you had to have a heart attack have been reduced.

At 48 hours, lung function starts to improve. Maybe you will notice increased coughing, but it is because the body is rejecting the toxins in the lungs. Your sense of smell and taste begin to return.

At three months, circulation improves. It is no longer so tiring when you exercise.

At nine months, your immune system is strengthened and you will no longer get so many colds. Coughing begins to decrease. Your body is recovering and your pocket too!

At one year your risk of heart disease is 50% lower than that of a smoker.

no smokingAt five years, the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and lungs are 50% lower. The risk of a stroke is almost the same as that of a person who does not smoke.

At 10 years the risk of developing lung cancer is like that of a person who does not smoke.

At 15 years, your risk of dying from a disease caused by smoking is the same as a person who has never smoked.

So the sooner the better. Quit smoking now and your body will begin to detoxify and renew today!

Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

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